If you have seen the project contribution log and the description, you will noticed this project is started at the spring of 2016 but I have wrote the copyright notice which mentioned it started from 2013, but why?

Yes, in 2013 I have wrote a small application built on top of Microsoft's XNA Framework, which will parse BM98 format (A BMS format variant). In that time I was still studying on writing C# code for games development, therefore that stuff is quite messy, I think.

(If anyone was interested on that piece of code, you can click here to have a look. I did not even modify a space of this file while I paste that on the Gist, which is intend to be an achieve.)

Let's move on why suddenly in 2016, I launched this project and making it opensource? First of all, I have to say I love to share the code and results, and I know I don't have too much time and energy to spend on this project, that's why I choose to opensource this project. And for the reason on why I suddenly make this after 2 years of that shitty prototype, it is because one of my friend suddenly interested on BMS graph and music, then I thought about I has made something is for BMS before (that stuff), then and idea of remake a rhythm game was came out, and I have kept developing it for half year (until today), from just a "player" (listen and watch only) to a playable "player" (game).

During development, the core of the chart parser has been rewritten for several times in order to make it pretty(?) and easier to develop. The first rewrite is for moving from XNA Framework to Unity Engine, which has been tidy-up a lot; second time is to make an abstract layer to make easier to implement parser for similar format (Bmson is here now); the third time is tearing off the core from the project and make it standalone, which make it able to integrate to whatever project/application you want, in this stage, it does not rely on Unity's Library anymore.

Next time, I will write a short paragraph to introduce the core of the BananaBeats: Bemuslization.